what is telehealth?

TeleHealth is changing the way we think about health and provide healthcare. It supports innovations in health, as well as in healthcare delivery, health education, and distribution of health related information such as medical records. TeleHealth is adding value.

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teleconnect georgia for better health

TeleConnect Georgia for Better Health (TCGBH) is made possible by the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program and is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Georgia Partnership for TeleHealth is the leading agency in Georgia focused on increasing access to healthcare in rural and medically underserved areas through the innovative use of technology. As part of GPT, TCGBH has the opportunity to leverage the strengths of state government agencies, the private sector, and educational and nonprofit organizations to make the vision for the Teleconnect Georgia for Better Health vision a reality.


The Teleconnect Georgia for Better Health Online Training Center offers FREE online education to rural Georgia physician office employees! All you need to access these courses online, any time of day is a computer with internet connection. These courses are designed to teach physician office employees about the innovative use of technology and help promote familiarity with health information technology.

Click the Learn link above to get started today! Email Lloyd.sirmons@gatelehealth.org for the promo code to take all of the courses available on the Teleconnect Georgia for Better Health Online Training Center.